A healthy lifestyle can not be imagined without physical activity or fitness. Therefore, everyone tries to pay attention to this aspect. Motivation is different. Someone dreams of a beautiful and tight body. Someone – about the long-term preservation of youth and health. In the end, everyone is looking for a direction of sports that could be liked and satisfy their needs. Therefore, we offer to attention the fashionable and gaining popularity of sports movements – crossfit.

What is crossfit? Crossfit is a circular training with several exercises one by one. With rest in 1-3 minutes or without it. In crossfit training, basic exercises are involved, which involve the work of several muscles at the same time. The technique includes exercises such as squats, push-ups, pulls, jerks, jerks, etc. In the crossover, exercises with own weight, exercises with own weight with weighting and cardio exercises (running, stepping, swimming, cycling) are permissible.

Before you add to your life such an intense form of fitness, you need to think about both the pros and cons of this direction.


CrossFit programs are variable, they will not have time to bother you. Being engaged under the guidance of the trainer, you each time will not know what to expect. By creating a fitness program on your own, you must use a variety of exercises in your arsenal. Also you will get the opportunity to do crossfiting anywhere. Gym or street – you decide.

By combining power and cardio-types of exercises, you will strengthen your health. Crossfit has a beneficial effect on strengthening the heart and lungs. Allows to keep the joints flexible and elastic for a long time. Also crossfit improves the consistency of movements and the speed of reaction.

what is crossfit


If you are drunk to assess your physical data, then the intensity and complexity of fitness exercises will lead to trauma. Not taking into account the technique of execution, but only focusing on speed, you will get a decrease in positive influence on the body and the impossibility of uniform development of muscles.

Crossfit is held in groups. If you have a strong competitive spirit and you are new, better avoid such a system. You will do everything to defeat nearby. It will unfavorably appear on your health.

Crossfit can become a factor contributing to the development of rhabdomyolysis. This is a renal failure, triggered by the destruction of muscle cells. Muscles from a strong load begin to tear and throw into the blood decay products, including protein, which harms the kidneys.

To avoid the negative effects of training, you need to know the contraindications to its implementation:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • disease of the lungs,
  • injured joints and bones,
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • postoperative period,
  • cold or malaise,
  • high intracranial and intraocular pressure.


The fitness training for women is the same as for men, but with less intensity. The structure of the class often consists of 4 stages.

  1. Dynamic warm-up. Heats the joints and muscles, which will be actively involved during the session. Cardiovascular exercises are also used. For example, jumping rope or jumping on a box.
  2. Strength exercises. This is an unimportant part of fitness training, but without it it is impossible to imagine a crossfit. The stage is aimed at warming up the muscles and preparing for the main part of the session.
  3. Cross-flow of WATER. So I call the program for today. Often it consists of 4 exercises, which are repeated in a circle several times. For example: running 100 meters, push-ups from the floor 30 times, squats 40 times, lifting the feet on the press 40 times.
  4. Stretching and hitching.


For a full-fledged training you should have a minimum of clothes that will make it a quality occupation. First, pay attention to the right shoes. In it you will run, jump, do weightlifting. Therefore, pay special attention to the sole of the shoes. It should provide a soft landing. Also, make sure that your leg is firmly fixed with shoes and does not slip.

Pick up comfortable shorts or leggings and the correct jersey or top. Clothes should not restrain movement, interfere with climbing on a rope or practicing with gymnastic rings. Pay attention to the fabric. It is better if it is light and breathable.

The outfit of a professional does not differ much from the equipment of an amateur. We advise you to use additional accessories: knee pads, palm rest pads, and weightlifting belts. They will allow you to stay healthy.

You will also need a crossbar, a hopper or step-platform, barbells, weights, dumbbells and stuff. All this can be found in halls equipped for cross-fencing. Doing yourself, buy or replace the inventory with improvised means.

Nutrition when doing cross-phyto

To keep the result of fitness training, follow the rules of nutrition:

  • the exclusion of fatty meat and dairy products,
  • inclusion in the diet of fruits and berries (abandoning pineapples and bananas because of the increased amount of sugar in them),
  • enrichment of the diet with vegetable fats,
  • exclusion from the diet of semi-finished products and fatty sauces,
  • increased consumption of nuts and seeds,
  • removal from the diet of white bread,
  • preservation of the regularity of meals with compulsory breakfast.

We answered the question what is a crossfit. Crossfit is the development of endurance, perseverance, strong-willed efforts and muscles. Should I choose cross-class for myself? – It’s up to you. A successful choice on the way to a healthy and happy life!