Of fundamental importance in bodybuilding is the mass. Having enough muscle mass, you can work on your body, make it beautiful and embossed. Competently built bodybuilding training program for muscle mass assurance guarantees a positive result, which can be achieved with a good level of general physical fitness. At first glance, the fundamentals of bodybuilding and the selection of appropriate exercises seem difficult, but practice shows that the basic set of exercises will be sufficient to achieve the goal.

Spread out in the performance of each individual exercise is necessary until failure. The more you feel sorry for yourself and give insufficient load, the less effective will be the increase in muscle mass. But it is not recommended to overload yourself from the first lessons. If you are engaged periodically, and your patience is enough for several months, it is recommended to start with 2 approaches to each of the muscle groups. Experienced athletes what is crossfit can perform up to 4 approaches.

Before proceeding directly to the training, remember the following points:

  • in training you can not feel sorry for yourself – growth muscular tissue can only provoke a maximum load on it, so during the classes you will need to give all the best;
  • proteins in the diet should be given no less than a percentage of carbohydrates;
  • to eat food is necessary for half an hour before and after half an hour after training;
  • recommended intake of protein shakes;
  • the interval between training should vary between 48 and 72 hours – this indicator directly depends on the speed of recovery of muscle fibers.

The bodybuilding training program for men’s weight gain starts on Monday. The beginning of any activity is a warm-up: aerobic exercises, cardio or jogging. At least 10 minutes are allowed to warm up so that you can prepare your body for exercise, disperse blood and warm up joints. Each training day includes the development of 2 muscle groups.

best weight training program

The plan for Monday, we pump biceps and pectoral muscles:

  • bench press with a wide grip on an incline bench. For warm-up, use 60% of your working weight and make up to 2 sets with 8 repetitions. After use your working weight and start making 6 to 9 approaches with 8-12 repetitions;
  • bench press a wide grip on the horizontal bench – 6 to 12;
  • dilution of hands with dumbbells on a horizontal bench (work on pectoral muscles) – 4 to 15;
  • isolated exercise on the biceps – concentrated lifting of dumbbells. Do 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Before you begin, look at the training video on the mass with this exercise to properly perform the technique;
  • in a complex it is possible to include lifting of a bar standing to a biceps.

Thursday is the day of back and shoulders:

  • the main and the best exercise in natural bodybuilding – deadlift. The first set you do as a warm-up with less weight and with fewer repetitions. The remaining sets are your working weight and the maximum number of repetitions. It is recommended to do from 6 to 9 approaches with 8-12 repetitions;
  • backward dilution of hands with dumbbells – work on trapezoids and arm muscles. The number of sets – from 3 to 4, repetitions – from 8 to 12. This is an isolating exercise, so it is recommended to do it every week;
  • pull-ups classic – from 6 to 9 approaches with 12 repetitions;
  • thrust of the lower block to the belt – 6-9 sets with 8-12 repetitions;
  • traction of the upper block to the chest. The number of approaches varies from 3 to 4, repetitions – from 12 to 15.

On Sunday you study the legs and triceps of the hands:

  • Squat with weights (barbell or dumbbells). The first approach, as in other cases, is for warm-up, the rest – with your working weight and the maximum possible number of approaches. 6-9 hikes with 8-12 repetitions;
  • An isolating exercise is the bending of the legs in the prone position. It is considered the best technique for working out the biceps legs. 6-9 to 8-12;
  • Draft of dumbbells on straight legs – an exercise on the development of the back of the thighs. Weighting is used to move the body in the correct path. 9 to 12;
  • French bench press is an isolating exercise on your triceps. Follow 3-4 sets with 12 repetitions. Before watching, watch the video to avoid injury;
  • Pressing a narrow grip on a horizontal bench is the main technique that makes triceps work. Sets – from 2 to 4, repetitions – from 9 to 12.

In the process of such training, you will need to eat hard. The day is divided into 6 meals. The size of portions for each reception should be small, so that the body can assimilate everything. Do not forget about the balance between carbohydrates and proteins.Protein- the main building material for your muscles, carbohydrates are the main source of energy. You will not consume enough carbohydrates – catabolic processes will begin, and the body will burnmuscular tissue, to make up for energy reserves.