Doctors, nutritionists, sports trainers / fitness instructors often talk about so-called slow carbohydrates, glycemic index, fat problems.Have you already encountered deficiencies in your own metabolism? Or just do not want them to arise? Then it will be very useful to understand what slow carbohydrates are, than they are important.

Carbohydrates are substances whose molecules consist of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. In the process of metabolism they become a source of energy, the most important “fuel” for the body is glucose. Once glucose enters the body, it is used to produce energy, and not used glucose is deposited as glycogen in muscle tissues and liver in reserve or in the form of subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat.

Glycogen is a polysaccharide formed by glucose residues, a spare carbohydrate for the body.

Why is the glycemic index invented?

For any action, whether physical or mental, we need energy. Give us her carbohydrates that come with food. Some are absorbed almost instantly, others – for a long time.

For orientation in this rate of assimilation, a scale of zero to one hundred was adopted. The rate on such a scale was called the glycemic index (GI), it allowed to better identify certain subtleties and metabolic problems.

Carbohydrates, depending on the time of their assimilation by the body, began to be called fast (simple) – with GI> 70 or slow (complex) – with GI <40.

Their role in our lives is also different.


use slow carbohydrates before training


Carbohydrates and metabolism

Imagine: in a person’s diet, fast carbohydrates predominate. Then in the blood at times the glucose level rises sharply. If the load on the body at the same time is small, surplus carbohydrates are converted into fat stores.

In this group of risk fall unrestrained lovers of sweets, baked goods, sweet flavored soda, as well as potatoes, instant porridges, many other “delicacies.” If the diet is low in slow carbohydrates, inevitably begin the problem of metabolism: there is excess weight and related diseases.

Conclusion: slow carbohydrates are preferable. Their digestion by the body takes some time. Energy is released gradually, and the risk of its surplus is reduced.

The fitness trainer rated the ration as “too carbohydrate”? Or is the doctor / nutritionist concerned about having diagnosed excess weight? It is not ruled out that such recommendation will be received:

  • for weight loss;
  • to optimize training;
  • in order to improve the overall condition

Will have to adjust the diet and enrich it with slow carbohydrates, that is, products (dishes) with low GI.

Composition and properties of slow carbohydrates

What is the use of slow carbohydrates for the human body? Consider the components of this chemical compound – monosaccharides:

  1. GlycogenIt is transformed by the liver into glucose. If the organism catastrophically lacks energy (carbohydrates), it takes glycogen from its own fat and protein stores.
  2. Cellulose. Without it, a full-fledged activity of the intestinal tract is impossible. But it is good peristalsis that helps the body to cleanse itself regularly and completely from all that is useless. With a lack of fiber all kinds of diseases develop not only the digestive tract, but also the metabolism in general.
  3. Starch. He “commands” the enzymes, which are responsible for the gradual absorption of glucose by the body. It is thanks to starch that we are largely protected from sharp and such harmful jumps of blood sugar.
  4. Insulin. The most important chemical compound for a complete metabolism. Only a hundred years ago, people who did not develop or did not absorb insulin (that is, diabetics) were doomed.

We draw a conclusion: foods with slow carbohydrates make our digestion better, do not allow the blood glucose level to rise / fall sharply, preserve the feeling of satiety longer and at the same time keep the energy at the required level. More slow carbohydrates – less “empty” calories, which means that the weight will be kept in the norm.


function of slow carbohydrates


Why is it recommended to use slow carbohydrates before training?

Slow carbohydrates are called so because of the slow rate of digestion by the body, and if you want to lose weight, they are a more preferred energy source than fast carbohydrates. Slow carbohydrates, due to the fact that they are digested slowly, feed the body with energy for a long time, and therefore throughout the training will give you energy.

During training, it is this energy intake that is most optimal, because due to the use of slow carbohydrates before training, the muscles throughout the training are provided with a constant source of energy. What else is good in using slow carbohydrates before training? – On the one hand, the muscles receive energy throughout the entire workout, but on the other hand, it is always a little short, which causes the body to break down fats for energy. Medical studies have shown that when using slow carbohydrates before training, fat is burned much faster, and endurance rises and does not fall throughout the entire workout.

A constant and stable level of energy for the body, for the muscles – is the main function of slow carbohydrates. Using slow carbohydrates, you do not feel hungry for a long time, so you consume less calories and lose weight faster.