Everyone knows that sport is the foundation of health. If you do not have the opportunity to attend a gym or fitness club, but there is a desire to get a good physical shape, exercises with your own weight can help you. It is a good and accessible way for everyone to maintain their physical form and do not spend a lot of time and money on it. Before we proceed, offer a few tips.

  1. Exercises with own weight should be multifunctional.
  2. Receptions can be repeated for quantity or for a while, rest should be short.
  3. For exercises you can use fitball, horizontal bar, expander-this equipment is cheap and does not take place.
  4. You can do the load on all parts of the body at a time, but if you are engaged every day, it is better to evenly distribute the load.
  5. In training with your own weight, you do not need to stop there, periodically increasing the number of repetitions of the exercise at a time.

Let’s consider a classical complex of exercises with own weight which will help to come in the excellent physical form. You can constantly supplement it with new techniques and complicate it depending on the level of preparation.

exercises with own weight

Classes with their own weight often cause controversy among professionals about the effectiveness of such training. Many argue that such training does not best weight training program give a good result due to the lack of sufficient weighting. But those who begin to work with their own weight, it is necessary to remember that such trainings will give an excellent result in improving the strength and partial mass indicators, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Regular training and repetition of selected techniques;
  • optimal load distribution and regular rest;
  • increased load over time (not working weight, but repetitions and approaches).

If you fulfill all the conditions, training with your own weight, no doubt, will give a positive result. But, unlike the exercises with weighting, the result will be limited.


The advantages of training with own weight are the following:

  • there is no need at initial stages to spend on sports equipment;
  • training area – your home or sports ground;
  • the training program can be modified, supplemented with various exercises with varying degrees of intensity;
  • involve several muscle groups;
  • correction of posture and recovery of impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system.


  • It is not suitable for obese people;
  • does not allow you to gain weight;
  • to develop their indicators further, it will be necessary to purchase dumbbells or a barbell.


For those who work at home and do not have the opportunity to purchase sports equipment, classes with their own weight will suit perfectly. Classics are push-ups, pull-ups and squats. To diversify the complex, add to it the ups with a coup, the Australian pull-ups.


The list below contains the best exercises with their own weight, which give the body maximum load and force large and small muscle groups to work immediately:

  • burr or birch. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, try to reach the object fixed to a certain height during the jump. You can also diversify the exercise by inserting pullings into it;
  • a bar – for beginners the straight line will approach, for more advanced level – lateral;
  • stepping on the hill and squatting on one leg – great exercises for the legs with their own weight;
  • jumping rope, normal running and other cyclic exercises, which can fill pauses between training to strengthen blood vessels, heart and increase endurance;
  • ups of the legs to the crossbar with a delay of several seconds;
  • stand on hands and push-ups in this position – an exercise with an increased level of difficulty, suitable for well-trained athletes;
  • In the capacity of cardio elements it is possible to engage in interval and shuttle running;
  • push-ups with feet on a bench with a narrow hand placement – load on the shoulders and back;
  • push-ups on the bars and the Indian press;
  • stretching – an indispensable element of training with its weight for both classes in the hall, and at home.