Cardio work is called aerobic exercise, stimulating the work of the heart. They are an obligatory part of any physical training program – from rehabilitation after a heart attack to the preparation of professional athletes. Cardio strengthens the heart, the circulatory system, the respiratory system; they increase endurance and immunity, burn fat stores.

What is cardio training in terms of physiology?

As you might guess from the title, cardio, in the first place, is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system and heart muscle.

The heart is the main muscle in our body. Like other muscles, she needs training to stay strong. If the exercises are performed for a long time (at least 5 minutes) and with moderate intensity, then the decay of glucose – the main “fuel” – will take place with the participation of oxygen. That’s why these exercises are called aerobic.

When the supply of glucose runs out, the energy will be extracted from the fat cells, which are the body’s long-term reserve.

Correct cardio training must be regular. Only in this case the ability of the heart to saturate the blood with oxygen and improve it to the muscles is improved, the metabolism is increased, the thermoregulation improves, the pressure and risk of developing cardiovascular diseases decreases. During periodic sessions, the body will perceive them as stress, and react with increased pressure and fatigue.




Aerobic exercise for fat burning  is a time-consuming combination of repetitive or similar movements involving a large number of muscles, during which the pulse rises significantly.

A prerequisite for successful cardio training is fresh air. Ventilate the room before starting classes, or even better at an open window or on the street.

Cardio (aerobic) exercises for weight loss: directions

The most popular and accessible type of aerobic exercise is running. Do you find it boring to “wind round” in the stadium or run along the path? It’s not obligatory! 

  • cycling,
  • to swim,
  • go skiing and skating,
  • rowing (both on the simulator and for real),
  • play volleyball, basketball or tennis,
  • jump on the rope,
  • climbing the rock wall,
  • do on an elliptical trainer or stepper,
  • to run on the stairs.

Beginners should pay attention to swimming and walking at a fast pace. The main thing is that the pulse and breathing remain constantly rapid for a long time.

Different types of cardio training will help make the process of losing weight not only quick and useful, but also fascinating.

Aerobic load can vary in intensity, so you can choose the right pace for the beginner, and for “advanced” athletes. In terms of fat burning, the most effective interval cardio training.

This type of occupation, in which long periods of medium intensity alternate with a high intensity load of 1-1.5 minutes, the so-called “intervals”. During such explosive activity, glucose and fat are burned in tissues without access to oxygen, in an anaerobic regime.

Interval training is effective, but it is better for beginners to refrain from them, until the cardiovascular system adapts to more moderate loads.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to their effectiveness these trainings deserved wide popularity. They have many advantages over other types of physical activity:

  • well train and strengthen the heart muscle;
  • contribute to lowering cholesterol in the blood;
  • improve the state of the nervous system;
  • develop lungs, increase their volume;
  • increase the general tone of the body;
  • improve endurance.

The recommendations of specialists about the best time for lessons are often contradictory. There is an opinion that morning cardio is more useful for losing weight. Classes in the morning on an empty stomach will be really effective. This is due to the low level of muscle glycogen stores. The process of fat burning will start very quickly. This is the perfect training for those who are full of strength and energy in the morning.

However, because of the absence of glucose in the body, the productivity of classes can decrease. For the same reason, there is a breakdown of muscle tissue. After an intense load in the morning, weakness and dizziness are possible. Especially if a person is not used to studying at this time of day. These disadvantages of morning exercise can be avoided by drinking a cup of coffee. Caffeine will increase efficiency and lead to a tonus of the nervous system. And to help the growth of muscle fibers will help the intake of amino acids before training.


cardio training


Are cardio workouts effective at home?

Training under the supervision of a professional coach will bring the result faster, but if there is no time or opportunity to attend a fitness club, you can do it yourself. For successful cardio training at home, you need to build an occupation correctly and follow a set of rules.

  • Optimal turn on cardio after strength training. In this case, the power unit can last 20-30 minutes, and cardio – 30 minutes.
  • The most effective cardio exercises for weight loss of the abdomen – a variety of jumps, including rope. When bouncing, not only the muscles of the legs are involved, but also the back and the abdominal press. Do not forget that with aerobic exercise, as with any other, the stomach should be slightly pulled up, and the back straightened. Raise your knees higher when running and jumping – and a flat stomach is provided to you!
  • Aerobic load at home must necessarily be preceded by a warm-up. It is important to warm up the muscles and joints, especially those that will be as active as possible in order to prevent dislocations and sprains. Suitable for a variety of rotation, sipping for 3-5 minutes. Another mandatory element of any cardio training is hitching and stretching. Reduce the pace gradually, do not stop sharply, as if you did not want it when the time is up. Carefully and with pleasure pull the muscles involved, and the next day you will not feel pain ( krepature ), but a pleasant tone.

Remember, aerobic exercise should not be limited to exercise alone. Move more and stay active throughout the day. Climb the stairs, pass a few stops on foot, at any opportunity to dance, walk and play a moving game, and then the excess weight will disappear much faster.